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Re the Nambour February 24th & 25th 2018 Tournament

 Unfortunately we were forced to cancel the tournament that was planned for the weekend just
gone. All players were keen to kick off the event but after the first few games the floor was deemed unsafe because of a fine film of moisture that settled on the rubber floor as the games progressed. Nambour had received a fair bit of rain the previous few days and the accumulated humidity in the air plus the combination of 36 players in the hall resulted in a slippery surface which caused some nasty falls by a number of players. The courts  checked out to be OK the night before  and with the forecast of very little rain for the weekend it was thought that we could go along with the planned event. It's a lesson learned and I doubt if the committee will get caught again. As a result it was decided that for those players who registered for this event we would put their entry fee towards a re-scheduled tournament or the next available tournament they are able to attend. All they need to do is fill in the nomination form, enter the word "FREE" in the Total column and submit without payment.
We hope that most players who nominated for the February one are able to participate for this re-scheduled event. An up dated nomination form is located on our tournament page and we would ask that you please fill this in at your earliest convenience and re submit it to our address.
As the committee felt that we should organise the re-scheduled tournament as soon as possible consultation with the Nambour Hall contact resulted in the new date set for March the 17th and 18th. Again at the Nambour Hall.
Apart from the players who nominated for our February event we obviously welcome other players as well to participate if they would like to do so. Entry fees for players are as per usual amounts, 50% off for new players that is $15.00 plus the $5.00 membership fee and $30.00 for regular players.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused to players who turned up for the February tournament.



Nambour September 2017 Player Point Scores

Winning Team for  the


2nd - 3rd September 2017


Members of the winning team, Luke, I am your Father at the Nambour September Tournament. From left to right Agus Wiliandy, Diane Renwick, Nang Nguyen,Karina McMeeken, Peter Wilton (hidden), Amanda Lundquist, Darren Bailey, Trent Dwyer, Chad Andersen with a total point score of 2763

Team Results NAMBOUR 2nd & 3rd September 

1st Luke, I am your Father 2763 points, 2nd Sugar Daddies 2691 points, 3rd Daddy Cool 2495 points, 4th Big Dads 2447 points


Badminton Tournaments for 2018

Nambour Badminton Hall

17th and 18th March 2018


The following dates to be ratified once venues are booked.

Venue to be decided

 19th and 20th May 2018

 Redlands PCYC

 7th and 8th July 2018


Tallebudgera Leisure Centre

1st and 2nd September 2018


Nambour Badminton Hall

10th and 11th November

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Captured at Nambour

September 2017

David Tester in action. David at 82 years old was also the recipient of The Grand Master award. See his achievements on this site

Jade Yap


Shirley Wu

Peter Lawrance