Nambour Tournament

16th - 17th November  2013

Five teams with 9 players in each team. What a weekend! To top it off we also accommodated 5 new players. Certainly a welcome sight as not too long ago our numbers were dwindeling. It certainly has brought about a renewed vigour with the extra new players that have joined us these last twelve months raising the competition level to new heights. 

The weather for the weekend was very kind with the ocasional shower making the temperature in the hall quite bearable.

At the end of day one it became quite evident that despite the scores being reasonably close, the Fu Mancu's team were the ones to beat. 

Saturday night saw a good number of players congregate at Gregg and Lee Thompson's place for a Barbecue. They were kind enough to invite the players for a social get together. The night was a great success which started off with a very tasty  meal after wich competition was again pitched to high levels playing table tennis. No doubt about it, despite a fair bit of skill, dexterity and quick reflexes, the host, Gregg, proved to be too good on the night.

Don't think there were too many sore heads on the second day of competition but a few aching limbs and muscles took a while to limber up before setteling into another great day of competition.

Despite extra efforts by some, the gap of games won between the Fu Manchu's and the other four teams slowly but surely widened who finished up being the winners for the weekend with a total score of 2027, 43 points ahead of the second placegetters, the Salvador Dali, 1984. Photo shows the winning team with the Liam O'Kane Memorial Trophy Board.

In finishing up for the year may I wish each and everyone of you a very happy and safe Christmas and look forward to starting it all over again in 2014.






For all new players wishing to join in our tournaments please follow  RULE 5 on our entry form relating to conditions of entry. It reads as follows:
"Enter as an individual. The BMAQ tournament committee will then place all entrants into teams of equal ability. Hence it is important to indicate either current grade played, level of experience or by reference to someone you know who plays with the Masters."

To all players currently taking part in our tournaments please be reminded that in an endeavour to increase our numbers for each tournament I ask you all to make mention of our tournaments to your fellow badminton buddies who may not be aware of our events. Stress to them to indicate their skill level based on the above criteria if they want to participate. By encouraging them to come along and have a go it will make for a more exciting tournament.

If you would like a poster to help promote our next even at Nambour please don't hesitate to contact me on 0428 795 888 or email



Winners are grinners. Peter Wilton, Nelly Gordon and Keith Mclean show off their metals won at the 2013 National masters Championships held in Melbourne last October. Well done!AUSTRALIAN_MASTER_WINNERS.jpg


The Action

Present Committee

The present committee is as follows:

President - Graham Bonnett
Vice President - Errol Vickers
Secretary - John Ursem
Treasurer - Lynda Massey
QBA Rep - Ulf Lunquist
Committee Members - Phil Pycroft, Paula Edds, Lennie Rasmussen, Marion McNicol