Bray Park PCYC Tournament write up

26th - 27th May 2014

With a total of 45 entries the logical choice was 5 teams of 9, thereby introducing a bye for each player.

It was good to see another lot of new players and some we hadn't seen for a while. It was also good to see the availability of equipment for sale organised by Bob Braid on behalf of QBA. It's always a bit of an effort to source equipment and shoes and having it available at tournaments is very convenient. Thank you Bob and QBA.

We just about achieved an injury free weekend but unfortunately Kent Olsen was forced to retire during the last  session on the Sunday afternoon with a hamstring injury. Hope your recovery is a speedy one Kent.

More often than not the point scores at the end of each tournament are quite close. Unfortunately this time there was a fair gap of 334 between first and last. Something for the committee to re visit perhaps.

It had been a few years since we last played at Bray Park and it is pretty obvious that the hall needs a good upgrade . In particular the sagging floor, although having said that I don't recall any complaints from players that it affected their skill level. The lighting was also a bit iffy during the latter part of the day  which did affect  play somewhat during the last few games. There is talk that some of the problems will be rectified in the near future.

Saturday nigh saw a good number of players get together for a social dinner at the Aspley Leagues Club. I will remmeber to check out the Buffet next time instead of heading for the A La Carte section. Apart from the wait and watching most of the others tuck into the buffet food, it looked awfully tantilising.

Although the Abbott's team were the front runners for the weekend it was a tight tussle between  the Palmer's and the Shorten's for 2nd and 3rd with the Palmer's beating them by only 4 points. As usual, everybody agreed that it was a great weekend 

Next tournament will be staged at the Stanthorpe YMCA and for those wanting to promote the event at their club level an A4 poster is available for downloading which can be placed on their notice boards.

See you all at Stanthorpe

winning_team_the_Abbotts.jpgThe Winning team the Abbott's with a total point score of 2077


Second placegetters, the Palmer'swith a total point score of 1995



1st Abbott's 2077 points, 2nd Palmer's 1995 points, 3rd Shorten's 1991 points,

4th Hokey's 1968 points,    5th Bishop's 1743 points