Stanthorpe Tournament write up

4th - 5th October 2014

Despite a lack of numbers, 19 in total for the Saturday and 22 for the Sunday events, the Stanthorpe Tournament turned out to be another great success.

Because of the low numbers a different approach for staging the tournament was required and instead of playing our normal teams event the committee decided that a tournament based on an American singles type format would be a better option.

As is usual with the Stanthorpe tournament, Saturday's agenda saw us play one round in the morning, a sight seeing tour of the Granite Belt visiting local attractions in the afternoon and an Oktober Fest Celebration dinner at a local resort in the evening. Certainly a full day of activties enjoyed by all.

A new player joined our ranks by the name of Martin Loh and from all acounts we should see quite a bit more of him with future tournaments. It certainly didn't take Martin long to settle in and show us his skills with the racquet. (See results).

Saturday's individual point results saw some minor changes in the draw for the Sunday morning's event which was re adjusted again for the afternoon's games. This was based on the highest and lowest scored players  moving up or down to a higher or lower ranked group of players. Being one of the lowest and highest scoring player for the first two events it certainly was interesting to adjust from one to the other. Very good experience which I enjoyed immensely.

Some discussion was held whether or not we should stage another event for the October long weekend as attendance was very poor . Something we will need to reflect upon as a committee and should certainly take into account any other major tournament and event staged during the same period.

All in all, a very enjoybale weekend shared with a bunch of nice people.



The 5 trophy takers for the weekend. with highest points scored were Ulf 1st, Martin 2nd, Keith 3rd, Peter 4th and Chad 5th. Lowest points scored were Adrian (missing), John and Bev