Nambour Tournament write up

15th - 16th November 2014

The last tournament of the year and what a sizzler it was. 44 players, 5 teams of 9, one fill-in by the name of Errol and 16games all added up for a major, sweaty weekend. Spare a thought for the ones that had to play 20 games.

It was a big day for the teams that had to play 12 games on the Saturday, which according to some, was slightly warmer then the Sunday.

At the close of day it became quite obvious that top placings was going to be between the G-Whizz and G-String tems.

Saturday night was again a social get-together for about 20 players for dinner at the Nambour RSL. It was certainly good to relax after a hot, sweaty day with good food, a few cold drinks and great company.

Sunday certainly sorted out the teams and as predicted it became a tussle between the G-Whizz and G-String teams. Unfortunately the G-Strings slackened off somewhat exposing a few gaps in their armour and at the close of day G-Whizz took out the honours with a total of 2067 points.

Each team played 72 games over the duration of the weekend with a total of 2232 points up for grabs. The gap between first and second was only 28 points. Although the gap between first and last seems big at 253 points, over the 72 games that's only an average deficit of 3.5 points per game.

Next year will see a change to our calendar of events when we again go back to 6 tournaments for the year. The first one is scheduled to take place on the 21st and 22nd of February. See you there! In the meantime may I wish you all a great Festive Season and the very best for 2015.



The winning team for the Nambour November Tournament was the G-Whizz team with a total of 2067 points. From left to right Geoff O'Callaghan, Klaus War, Amy Hung, Carol Goldsmith, Mark Wibaux, Margie Giles, Russell Stewart, Peter Lawrance (Chad Anderson missing)