Nambour Tournament

28th - 29th November 2015

Talk about equality, the Nambour tournament certainly proved that our lady badminton players are a force to be reckoned with.

In an endeavour to provide an alternative format for this last tournament of the year it was decided to provide our contestants a tournament where all players were graded according to their skill level. So instead of having the ladies play each other in their own groups, they were mixed in together with the men.

The results were quite interesting to say the least as the team that took out the honours for the weekend was comprised of 6 ladies and just 2 men. A few of the men were certainly put to the test when playing against the fairer sex. It was a great tournament to finish off the year including Saturday night's social dinner get-together at a local Oriental restaurant with at least 24 members attending the function and discussing the day's activities and everything else in between..

Next year will again be interesting with the intention of introducing the first tournament of the year with another untried format based on the American Doubles system. More of this can be gleaned from our President's report on this website.

Till then may I wish everyone a very happy and safe Festive Season 

See you at the Nambour  on the 27th and 28th of February 2016.

Results of the tournament were as follows: 1st The Comets 1865 points, 2nd the Dashers 1829 points, 3rd the Prancers 1739 points, 4th the Blitzens 1689 points, 5th the dancers 1627 points.


The Winning team the "Comets", with a point score of 1865. From left to right Maria Padar, Jade Yap, Akyio Fujimori, Trevor Mitchell, Phyllis Stovell, Margie Giles, Xian Chessher and Phil Pycroft