Bracken Ridge Tournament

10th - 11th October 2015

With a last minute ring-around in an endeavour to obtain a few more players, the Bracken Ridge tournament hit off with an ideal number of 40 players resulting in 5 teams of 8.

Not having played there previously it soon became evident that a couple of courts had an issue with daylight entering the hall from a row of floor level windows situated on both sides of the hall. Fortunately our bountiful supply of black plastic resolved the issue to some degree. We also became aware that shower facilites were not available. Both these issues will need to be resolved should we play there again with future tournaments. The floor was great however, featuring rubber matting throughout the playing area  and the lines were easliy identifiable. Kitchen facilites were also better than expected.

At the end of day one, two teams that stood out were the Lions and the All Blacks although the Lions who had their bye that Saturday were going to need a good score for their 3rd round the following day in an effort to stay in touch with the day's leader who were to have their bye on day two. Unfortunately the Lions' score the following day was a lot less than what they had hoped for  whereas the All Blacks, because of their consitancy, had another impressive score. The winning team therefore for the weekend were the All Blacks with an impressive score of 1868 points, 77 points ahead of the Lions who ran second with a score of 1791 points.

Saturday night was again a get together for some of the players with dinner at a pre arranged venue. All in all, It was agreat weekend enjoyed  by all who took part.

See you at the Nambour  on the 28th and 29th of November.


The Winning team the "All Blacks", with a point score of 1868. From left to right Jade Yap, Errol Vickers, William Lee, Peter Wilton, Ron Tavinor, Linda Ho, Reggie Samuel, Eric Leung and Mabel Vidot