Nambour Tournament

16th - 17th April 2016

For a Nambour event, numbers were a bit limited with a total of 28 players attending the April tournament. The 28 players were split into four teams of seven resulting in a total of 18 games for each player during the course of the weekend. Unfortunately the weekend was marred with a couple of injuries during the first session of play Saturday morning. John was unable to carry on with a groin injury and Maria with an ankle twist. Both out of the same team which made the situation a bit difficult for the Magnificent Seven. As luck would have it we were able to do a ring-around and vacant positions were filled with Bev and Brenden sharing games in Maria's position and David a new player we hadn't seen before taking John's place for the Saturday pm session.

Despite the fact the Magnificent Seven had a few player changes, scores at the end of the day were running reasonably close across the board..

Saturday night saw quite a few players socialising and discussing the day's event over dinner and recovering from a hard day's schedule of 12 games.

Sunday morning, with everyone bright and fresh  games commenced with replacements brought in for the three Saturday fill-ins. A new player by the name of Maria MIller took over from Bev and Brenden and old hand at the game, Gregg Thompson, replaced David for the final session. Although Gregg hadn't played fopr the last couple of years he soon picked up his skills and the Magnificent Seven despite their setbacks came home as the winners for the weekend with a total point score of 1803.