Redlands PCYC Tournament

25th-26th June 2016

Ideally located between the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, the Redlands PCYC tournament commenced play with total number of 45 players. As this was a new, untried venue nobody knew what to expect but as it turned out playing conditions for badminton proved to be more than adequate. Great floor, good lighting and no need for the black plastic to cover windows.

In order to introduce a better balance of skill levels amongst all competitors the draw was based on a slightly different format  with the higher ranked players playing their equivalent opponents and ditto for the less experienced ones. It proved to be a popular decision as it made the games more competitive with longer lasting rallys and close scores. As is the case with most of our events a few changes were called for during the course of the tournament with injuries and a late cancellation. 

All in all , the weekend proved to be a great success and I am sure that the committee will re-visit this venue for future tournaments.

Results of the weekens are as follows:

1st place: The Beanies, 2039 points, 2nd place: The Mittens. 1976 points, 3rd place: The Ugg Boots, 1922points, 4th place: The Scarves, 1883 points, 5th place: The Long Johns, 1859 points.