Results for the July Redlands PCYC Tournament 

Once again  for the 3rd successive tournament forty players registered for our fourth tournament of the year which again was played with no byes for the duration of the event. Forty seems to be the magical number this year as a make-up of four teams with ten players in each is a good workable number. Could be the reason why magical names were chosen for each team. Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravensclaw and Gryffindor team members were pitted against each other  for the July weekend at the Redklands PCYC which looks like it is becoming a regular , yearly haunt.

Five new players joined our ranks for this event and it is great to see this influx of newcomers although it does ocassionaly  test the committee in placing them on an equal, skill level with our regular players.

At the end of the first day's play it looked as if it was going to be a tusstle  between the Hufflepuffs and the Gryffindors for the final results the following day although the Ravensclaws were biting at the heels of the Gryffindors with a difference of 26 points between them.

As was the case last time we played at the Redlands PCYC a Barbecue was again on offer  for the lunch break on both days and those players having a taste for a bun, snag, onions and sauce were well looked after by Dee Bailey who took on the duty of Chief Cook. Thank you Dee!

Sunday morning after tired limbs were loosened up  for the final day's play it quickly became obvious that the Gryffindors were determined to make amends with their previous day's redsult and were setting their sights on catching up to the Huffenpuffs. Unfortunately, although it was a great effort, they fell short by 52 points for the course of the weekend but they beat the Ravenclaws by a margin of 90 points. Great effort on their behalf. 

Final results for the weekend were 1st place The Hufflepuffs with 2189 points, 2nd place The Gryffindors with 2137 points, 3rd place The Ravenclaws with 2047 points and in 4th were the Slytherins with 1895 points.

See you all at Nambour on the 2nd and 3rd of September.