Nambour write up 4th-5th March 2017


The winning team for the March  tournament was the Fake News

Unfortunately the elves couldn't get their act together and individual player tournament photos are not available this time. Keep enjoying the images put up for the November Nambour 2016 tournament.

The first tournament of the year is now a memory but another great weekend for the 40 players who attended and for some who couldn't wait to dust off the cobweb after a lengthy spell of Masters activities.

A total of 7 new players joined our ranks which is the most we have had for a while. As it is never easy to rank new players it certainly had the ingredients for a very interesting tournament.

The break up of the 40 players produced a draw of 5 teams with 8 players in each team thereby giving each competitor  four games per round making a total of 16 games for the weekend. It certainly proved to be a good decision as it allowed each round to be completed within our usual time frame.

Saturday night's social dinner event was rather small in numbers with only 6 players able to attend but no doubt the night and food would have been quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately, Olga Mouzovatkina, who filled in for Amanda for the Sunday morning session had to pull out because of an injury which resulted in other players on that line filling in for the rest of the day.  Olga's appearance was very short indeed and I hope she has a speedy recovery. Injuries are never good but when you are trying to do the right thing by filling in for someone else it is probably a bit harder to take.

Picking a winner for the weekend was certainly a toss as the Fake News and the Mexican Walls teams were fighting it out for first and second place during the last round. At the end of the day only 18 point separated them with the Fake News team taking out the honours

The AGM went off without a hitch and with the addition of Rebecca Manser joining the committee everyone else managed to get re-elected. The 2017 committee is comprised of Phil Pycroft - President, Errol Vickers -Vice President, John Ursem - Secretary, Graham Kiff - Treasurer, with committee members, Simone Edmondson, Bev Ursem, Chris McKenzie and Rebecca Manser.

Next tournament will probably be staged at Nambour again as venues in Brisbane for the May tournament proved difficult to obtain. This Venue will be confirmed very soon.

Lastly, for those wanting to promote the event at their club level an A4 poster is available for downloading which can be placed on their notice boards. Also, Stanthorpe is back on the agenda for the last tournament of the year so start planning for that now is it will be another great weekend.

See you all in May.