Results for the September Nambour Tournament 

The Nambour Badminton Hall certainly proved to be a popular venue this year as our normal two events each year turned into three for 2017. Lack of suitable, affordable venues was the primary reason and if this persists it is certainly great to have a backup plan by using the Nambour courts more often.

Forty players (our magical number)  again lined up for the weekend and it was once again great to see a couple of new faces joining the ranks.

Based on the scores which were handed in after the Saturday's second session it became obvious that the competition winners would be decided between the Sugar Daddies and the Luke, I am your Father teams. Both teams came home with scores well above the 900 point mark with the other two teams, the Big Dad's (Pies?) and the Daddy Cool averaging in the mid 800's. Cross Over games were again played this tournament but unlike other tournamernts,  points were included with the overall score.

As is standard practice Saturday night was organised for a social get together at a local Thai restaurant. Good attendence with great conversation, food and wine  made for a pleasant evening.

After limbering up the weary bones and muscles from the previous day's event, Sunday morning saw the Luke, I am your Father team battle it out for supremacy with the Sugar Daddies. Unfortunately the Sugar Daddies were unable to play at their consistant level from their previous day's effort with the Luke, I am your Father forging ahead with another impressive display of consistancy.

Final results for the weekend were as follows:

1st Luke, I am your Father with 2763 points, 2nd Sugar Daddies with 2691 points, 3rd Daddy Cool with 2495 points and 4th Big Dads (pies?) with 2447 points. Apologies to this team as the initial count of 1727 as mentioned during the presentations was incorrect.