MAY 25TH - 26TH 2013

New venue, 10 new players, 45 players in total. Haven't seen these figures for ages. The weekend turned out to be a great success. The new comers brought with them a lot of talent which resulted in the regulars having to lift the standard of their games. Each player finished up playing 16 games for the weekend whichwas a bit of a challenge for the new players who weren't quite used to playing that many, hard games.

The venue proved to be quite successful with four courts on offer and great seating facilities but the lighting unfortunately did take some getting used to. It was quite difficult sighting the high shuttles as they came down and it was something we all had a problem with.

The scores at the end of the two days presented a large gap between 1st and 5th and I guess that was because it was hard allocating a few of the new players to a competitive level. Notheless everyone had a great time with quite a few of the new players vowing that they would be back for the next tournament


The winning team for the weekend was the "Deficits" with a point score of 2173


To all players currently taking part in our tournaments please be reminded that in an endeavour to increase our numbers for each tournament I ask you all to make mention of our tournaments to your fellow badminton buddies who may not be aware of our events. Stress to them to indicate their skill level based on RULE 5 on our entry form relating to conditions of entry if they want to participate. By encouraging them to come along and have a go it will make for a more exciting tournament.



Wooden Spooners for the weekend was the "Baby Bonuses" with a score of 1892


The Action

Present Committee

The present committee is as follows:

President - Graham Bonnett
Vice President - Errol Vickers
Secretary - John Ursem
Treasurer - Lynda Massey
QBA Rep - Ulf Lunquist
Committee Members - Phil Pycroft, Paula Edds, Lennie Rasmussen